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Caleb followill

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(no subject) [Aug. 21st, 2006|07:57 pm]
Caleb followill
[mood |nervousnervous]

hey nathan...how do i get the little pictures up on this thing??
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(no subject) [Jul. 28th, 2006|10:12 pm]
Caleb followill
jared how do iget limewire on here/
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this livejrnal shitsconfusin... wait gimme a sec i wanna psotsum shit from aim [Jul. 26th, 2006|09:04 pm]
Caleb followill
[20:39] seecalebsing: jeard is this working//
[20:39] juicyfruitkid: wtf how did you get my screename?
[20:39] seecalebsing: it was on here
[20:39] seecalebsing: goddmnt enter
[20:40] juicyfruitkid: o... well its working
[20:41] *** seecalebsing wants to directly connect.
[20:41] seecalebsing: what"s that
[20:41] juicyfruitkid: CALEB
[20:41] juicyfruitkid: fucking a
[20:41] *** juicyfruitkid is now directly connected.
[20:41] juicyfruitkid: thats to liek send pics and shit
[20:41] seecalebsing: we r connectd
[20:41] seecalebsing: ha ha
[20:41] juicyfruitkid: yeah... stop being a fag
[20:42] seecalebsing: hw do i play gmes on here
[20:42] juicyfruitkid: i dunno i don't do that shit
[20:42] juicyfruitkid: i just go on and check my mail
[20:42] seecalebsing: ARENT THERE SOME ON THE COMPUTER
[20:42] juicyfruitkid: i think nate's got some on
[20:42] juicyfruitkid: like the fish one
[20:42] seecalebsing: Y IS IT BIG
[20:43] juicyfruitkid: CAPS LOCK dumbass hit the button
[20:43] seecalebsing: I DONTWANT TO PLAY WITH FSH
[20:43] seecalebsing: WHERS THAT
[20:43] juicyfruitkid: on the keyboard don't make it seem like you don't know how
[20:43] seecalebsing: JUST PRESIT//
[20:43] juicyfruitkid: yea
[20:43] seecalebsing: ok
[20:43] juicyfruitkid: oh wait theres like solitaire on tehre too
[20:43] seecalebsing: it worsk now
[20:44] seecalebsing: NEVERMND
[20:44] seecalebsing: I LIEK IT BIG
[20:44] juicyfruitkid: you ass
[20:44] juicyfruitkid: thats fuckin annoying
[20:44] seecalebsing: WHRES SOLITARE
[20:44] seecalebsing: //
[20:44] juicyfruitkid: go to the progarms list
[20:44] seecalebsing: WHRES THAT
[20:44] seecalebsing: //
[20:44] juicyfruitkid: jesus christ
[20:44] juicyfruitkid: your a retard
[20:45] seecalebsing: YOU"RE
[20:45] seecalebsing: A RETARD
[20:45] seecalebsing: WHRE IS IT
[20:45] seecalebsing: IS IT TEH START THNG
[20:45] juicyfruitkid: click start first yeah
[20:45] seecalebsing: /
[20:45] seecalebsing: o k
[20:45] juicyfruitkid: and tehn like you can hit programs
[20:45] seecalebsing: O K SRRY
[20:45] seecalebsing: O K
[20:45] juicyfruitkid: shuld be in there
[20:46] juicyfruitkid: i was using the comp in the living room earlier
[20:46] seecalebsing: TOO COMPICATED NEVERMDNI
[20:46] seecalebsing: ISTHAT WRKING
[20:46] juicyfruitkid: ... wtf? waht working?
[20:46] seecalebsing: COMPIN LIVNG ROOM
[20:47] juicyfruitkid: yea... wait waht comp are you using then?
[20:47] seecalebsing: TEH ONEIN NATHAN"S ROOM
[20:47] juicyfruitkid: isnt nathan gonna get pissed?
[20:48] seecalebsing: NO CUZ HE AIN"T A FUCKIGN GIRL LIEK YOU
[20:48] juicyfruitkid: you fuckin bastard
[20:48] seecalebsing: how do i getpicteures up
[20:48] juicyfruitkid: like where?
[20:48] seecalebsing: liek i tyep in kings of leon
[20:48] juicyfruitkid: are you on myspace again?
[20:48] seecalebsing: how doi see
[20:49] seecalebsing: no
[20:49] seecalebsing: how do isee picteures of us
[20:49] juicyfruitkid: uh go to the home page and typ in teh search "kings of leon" you'll get all sorts of crazy shit
[20:49] seecalebsing: o k
[20:50] seecalebsing: is the hmepage yahoo
[20:50] seecalebsing: or goggle
[20:51] juicyfruitkid: i dunno google
[20:51] seecalebsing: i thoughtit was goggle
[20:51] juicyfruitkid: its GOOGLE idiot
[20:51] seecalebsing: google.com or just goggle
[20:51] seecalebsing: nevermidn
[20:51] seecalebsing: found it
[20:52] juicyfruitkid: k
[20:52] seecalebsing: hw do i get more pics up of me
[20:52] seecalebsing: on that livejournalshit
[20:52] juicyfruitkid: how did you get the frist one up then?
[20:52] seecalebsing: nathandid it
[20:53] juicyfruitkid: oh gawd...
[20:53] seecalebsing: nathn has my passwod
[20:53] seecalebsing: r
[20:53] juicyfruitkid: stop being nathans bitch man
[20:53] seecalebsing: and ihave his
[20:53] seecalebsing: and u don"t
[20:53] seecalebsing: ha ha
[20:53] juicyfruitkid: whatever
[20:53] juicyfruitkid: im not anyones bitch
[20:53] seecalebsing: no one wants u asthier bitchjared
[20:53] seecalebsing: when will u leran
[20:54] seecalebsing: learn
[20:54] juicyfruitkid: whatever im not into sub or shit
[20:54] seecalebsing: what
[20:55] juicyfruitkid: nothing
[20:56] seecalebsing: what//
[20:56] seecalebsing: ?
[20:56] seecalebsing: i gt it1
[20:56] seecalebsing: !
[20:56] seecalebsing: ? !
[20:56] seecalebsing: ? !
[20:56] seecalebsing: ? !
[20:56] juicyfruitkid: what? just og put your pics up
[20:56] seecalebsing: says it"s tooo big
[20:56] juicyfruitkid: gah
[20:57] juicyfruitkid: dont uplaod the link you gotta save ti first then upload i think
[20:57] seecalebsing: fuck
[20:57] seecalebsing: just getover here
[20:57] seecalebsing: nw
[20:57] seecalebsing: do it
[20:57] juicyfruitkid: fuck alright gimme a sec
[20:58] seecalebsing: k thnx
[20:59] *** "juicyfruitkid" signed off at Wed Jul 26 20:59:09 2006.
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